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Why Bug Control Solutions Are a Real Necessity

Most property owners cannot deal with their insect problem completely on their own. While ready-to-use insect repellent sprays can work temporarily, they fail to completely eliminate them. They simply repel the pests for a short time, and then they return in larger numbers – and they aren’t eliminated by the same spray! That’s why bug control solutions are a real necessity. Without the services of a professional pest control Adelaide company, property owners are faced with the constant worry of insects.

Bed bugs can be found in any room of the home

If you suspect that you have bed bugs, you can start by reducing your clutter. Remove all but the most necessary items from your home. These items include books, clothes, and even personal items like blankets. Check these items for blood stains or rash. Then, use a stiff brush to remove any bugs or eggs that may be on the item. Make sure to vacuum often and throw away the bag in an outdoor garbage bin.

They can lay up to 500 eggs in their lifetime

Bedbugs are the most difficult to get rid of because they have a tremendous potential for reproduction. A female phorid can lay up to 40 eggs in a single day and lay 500 over their lifetime. They lay their eggs in rotting organic matter. As larvae, they change into pupae and then adult bugs, which are much more difficult to get rid of than other pests.

They can carry a host of illnesses

Insects and rodents can bring diseases to humans and pets. Some species carry hantavirus, which is fatal to humans. Rats and ticks can carry Lyme disease, which has flu-like symptoms. Mosquitoes carry West Nile Virus and Zika virus. Wood-faring bugs can tear apart a home. And, not to mention the discomfort these pests can cause.

They can devastate a business

Commercial property owners are often concerned about the possibility of bedbug infestation, particularly if the pest is able to spread to other properties. If left unchecked, bedbugs can cause devastation to a business, especially those in the hospitality industry. Guests, who are the lifeblood of any business, rely on their satisfaction. That’s why bug control solutions are so vital. The following are some examples of business disasters caused by infestations.

They can cause property value to plummet

Having a problem with insects, especially mosquitoes, can lower the value of your property. Not only do mosquitoes affect the value of your home, but they can also affect the local economy. No homeowner wants to live in an area with lots of bugs, and they can also negatively impact livestock health. In addition to affecting your home’s value, mosquitoes can hurt the local economy by reducing tourism.

They can make a mess of your attic or kitchen

Most bugs will run toward liquids and food, making a bug control solution for your kitchen or attic an unnecessary expense. Since most insects are attracted to blue and purple light, you can’t simply dump the solution and hope for the best. Instead, clean out the affected area thoroughly with a clean washcloth. To keep the pests away, store your food in plastic containers.


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