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What to Binge Watch on Netflix: 7 Series

Netflix ensures that you will never have a dull moment in your life. Netflix’s collection of both current and archival episodes is continuously growing as a result of the steady flow of new material the streaming service adds. Because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find something entertaining to watch on Netflix, we update this list on a weekly basis with the greatest new programs that we’ve found there.

Locke & Key

Nina and her kids Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode return to the family farm in Massachusetts when Rendell dies (the “Keyhouse”). Bode, the Locke family’s youngest son, finds a mystery key that can be used to open any door while his family tries to adjust to their new environment. The family begins to suspect that their patriarch’s death was more complicated than they first thought as they discover more about the history of the key and other keys like it (keys that can separate the soul from the body, reveal hidden memories, and even let ghosts escape). Adapted on the comic book series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez, Locke & Key is a magical realist dark fantasy. The Lockes’ dream of a regular existence is further away than ever when the third and final season premieres, what with the discovery of a time-travel key, the return of old foes, and a revolutionary war-era zealot who wants to destroy the world. While building tension more slowly than Stranger Things, it is one of Netflix’s scariest series.

The Sandman

To argue that The Sandman is one of the most celebrated comic book series of the last four decades would be an understatement. For decades, Neil Gaiman’s works have been staples of the reading lists of both gothic adolescent communities and literary elites. This is because they explore bleak fantastical themes and the dynamic between dreams and reality and fiction and its evolution through time. Dream of the Endless’s long wait for Netflix was well worth it once viewers were able to see the narrative of Morpheus, the eternal embodiment and king of the Nightlands, who is ferocious and awful in his rage. The first two graphic books in a trilogy, about a man named Dream who is imprisoned for a century because occultists believe he is responsible for his sister’s murder, have been adapted into an excellent film. The program has a hazy flow, with episodes merging into one another, and it has the power to make viewers cry at the fate of a gargoyle or shock them with the terrible acts of an escaped nightmare turned serial murderer known only as The Corinthian (Boyd Holbrook). While the movie’s production may have kept some individuals up at night, the result is a dream from which you won’t want to awake.

Love, Death, and Robots

Love, Death Robots is now Netflix’s most innovative and ground-breaking animated series to date, and it was directed by Tim Miller, who directed Deadpool. Each episode of this anthology series goes deeply into one of the three underlying topics that are explored throughout the show. As a consequence of this, it gives rise in the imaginations of onlookers to ludicrous hypotheses. Death + Robots is a very experimental program that utilizes a range of animation techniques and genres to represent whatever storylines its incredible roster of artists comes up with. Among those artists is David Fincher, who is making his debut as an animation director on the show. This performance’s unexpectedness and ingenuity are two key components that contribute to its overall appeal.

 The Crown

The Crown, which is now airing its fourth season, has witnessed both the most admirable and despicable aspects of the British nobility. The first season is a reimagining of Queen Elizabeth II’s life from 1947 to 1955, including her wedding to the Duke of Edinburgh. It also includes other significant events from her reign. The events surrounding the Suez Crisis and Harold Macmillan’s decision to resign as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom drive the second season to move at a more rapid pace. The third season sees Olivia Colman assume the lead as HRH navigates the dangerous waters of middle age and the swinging ’60s. The fourth season concentrates on Princess Diana’s difficult relationship with the royal family. Olivia Colman plays Her Majesty the Queen. It is essential to keep in mind that The Crown is a work of reality-based fiction, despite the fact that it is based on actual individuals. This program has a habit of playing up, dramatizing, and exaggerating the seriousness of many of its situations. You can read more about how The Crown is fiction over at Lordping.co.uk.

The Umbrella Academy

In Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy, the troubled adopted children of the Hargreeves family are forced to cope with the Hargreeves family as a result of having rescued the world from the end of the world and being stranded in the 1960s. They also have to deal with the Hargreeves family. Altering the space-time continuum might have unintended implications, such as your abusive father figure or mentor deciding to adopt seven other children with abilities rather than you. We are not only stuck in a different timeline, but there is also the little problem of a Kugelblitz that is set to eradicate our own. Fans of My Chemical Romance vocalist Gerard Way and the illustrator Gabriel Bá’s novels will be as surprised and taken aback by Season 3 of The Umbrella Academy as new viewers will be by its peculiarity and unexpectedness.

Stranger Things

The core cast of the renowned science fiction and horror series on Netflix is separated for the first time since the “Battle of Starcourt” six months earlier when the series enters its fourth season. They have divided themselves in every possible direction. While Eleven and the Byers family are in California with Hopper, the rest of the gang is in Hawkins, Indiana, getting ready to face the most terrifying threat to society since the Upside Down: high school. While Eleven and the Byers family are in California with Hopper, the rest of the gang is in Hawkins, Indiana. Now, in case you were wondering, the invasion from the Upside Down has occurred once more. Creators To the joy of those viewers who spent their formative years being fed a continuous diet of films by directors such as Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Wes Craven, the Duffer Brothers have kept the allusions to the 1980s while also adding a serious new adversary. The much-anticipated fifth and final season of the fan-favorite television show is drawing near, and with it comes the promise of tense situations, terrifying encounters, and, of course, Dungeons & Dragons.


Shonda Rhimes is responsible for the production of the award-winning historical drama, which is presently the most watched program on Netflix. The affluent and influential Bridgerton family of England during the Regency period serves as the primary focus of the novel Bridgerton, which is about love, divorce, and scandal. The program is adapted on a series of books written about the lives of the Bridgerton brothers. Each book focuses on a different brother and presents their story from their point of view. Phoebe Dynevor plays the role of Daphne, the eldest sister, who gets married to Duke Simon Basset, who is considered to be one of the most desirable men in England. Anthony, Daphne’s brother, is at the core of the issues that arise throughout the second season as he navigates his relationship with the woman he marries and the repercussions that this has on their families and the town as a whole.


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