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The Eaton PowerXL DG1

Among Eaton’s variable frequency drives, or VFDs for technical short-hand, the PowerXL series is an interesting packaging. Take the DG1 model, for example. Responding to the market’s need for a VFD that is responsive to industrial needs and commercial efficiency, the DG1 applies a number of benefits that push it beyond even the already-successful VFDs from the same company. That includes multiple controls specific to pump management and HVAC or fan management, multi-purpose generic control management, and energy efficiency premium design all in the same package.

There’s More Under the Hood Than Just Extra Control

The DG1 also comes with a number of other benefits as well. That includes an intuitive keyboard with easy-to-learn navigation features with configurable keys. The configuration capability also extends to a computer connection for additional details and digital control. Additionally, the DG1 has a far more robust tolerance for extreme demands, both at the top overload level as well as lower ranges. This approach keeps the DG1 in alignment with the overall strategy Eaton implemented with the PowerXLE VFD line. That strategy was intended to address more output in a smaller package, as well increase the safety and dependability of Eaton’s VFDs, both for the current market as well as new customers.

For the purpose of enhanced interface, the DG1 supports ethernet compatibility, ModbusT/TCP connections, RS-485 integration, and multiple channels for I/O control.

A Company Focused on Proactive Market Engagement

Eaton wasn’t sleeping at the wheel when the DG1 was developed on the design table. It was a response to a market that needed to push the boundaries of existing VFD capabilities to push more out of the product than was already possible. Keep in mind, Eaton was already a high-end quality choice in the VFD market. However, the combination of a small footprint and powerful delivery created the next level of VFD performance. As a result, the DG1 services the needs of a market that has to work harder, faster, control and manage more and do so with smaller and better.

Making a Great VFD Product Better with a Helping Hand

Seagate Controls continues to be the primary access for Eaton VFDs, whether it’s the Eaton PowerXL DG1 or a variety of other choices in the Eaton product line. Eaton does a great job in VFD manufacturing, as well as product technical support. However, that doesn’t mean that every question is answered right off the bat. This is where a Seagate Controls specialist fills the missing piece. We pick up and help the client all the way through the process of an Eaton VFD adoption. From installation design and troubleshooting to customer support after the fact and additional expansion down the road, Seagate Controls partners with our clients for the long haul. And that powerful combination of a high quality, high-performing VFD with technical knowledge and guidance is the reason why our customers keep coming back to both.

Don’t struggle in the VFD environment without a solid platform for help. We’re here for you and ready to help. Call us at Seagate Controls today!


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