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How To Sell Successfully On Amazon With an AMZ Expander

What is the best way to sell on Amazon? How can you rank high on Amazon as the best seller? There have been lots of answers to these questions but a tested and proven way is by using an amz expander.

An amz expander allows you to strategically arrange the keywords of the products you are trying to sell in a way that promotes them. This way it gains more visibility.

Now, how can this simple trick help you how do you sell successfully on Amazon? We have answered this question in this article. Read on to find out.

Why Sell On Amazon?

Amazon has successfully grown to be an online marketplace where buyers and sellers of e-commerce products meet. When you want to be anything online, amazon is one of the top options there is, likewise a seller’s option.

According to statistics, Amazon sellers make an average of $1000-$ 25,000 in a month, while new sellers make an average of $42,000 in a year. That’s a lot of money right?

So we can conclude that Amazon is undeniably a space to leverage and make massive sales as a seller online. It has a large market size where you can sell anything and everything.

Finally, you also get to meet customers with the intent to buy, with no need for audience targeting and lead generation because any seller scrolling through Amazon most likely knows what to buy and is already intending to buy it. Now how do you leverage this to your advantage as a seller?

How To Use The Amz Expander

The amz expander works like every SEO tool. The only difference here is that you are not trying to rank high as a page or a website but to gain visibility as a seller and in turn make more sales.

With this, you can get keyword predictions and words that come in front and after your keywords. More importantly, it shows you the exact match with what customers are searching for and once you have gotten them, you can now go ahead and add them to your listings.

Most times, it is advisable to add keywords from niches that are pretty competitive. That way, you can monitor and fully optimize your search results so that when your product is searched for on Amazon, your products would most likely show on the suggestion box.

This is important because people would most likely buy what they see rank high and at the top of the suggestions box. Very few people take their time to do a deep search on Amazon. So if you are looking for a good way to effortlessly sell on Amazon then this is it.


With the help of the amz expander, a large number of Amazon sellers were able to become top sellers, increasing their sales as well. Some of these sellers also employed this trick to remain at the top.

With proper implementation, you too can become a bestseller on Amazon. Give it a try now.


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