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7 Easy Ways to Lower Your Internet Bill

While an internet connection is a crucial expense in our lives, there are ways for you to lower your internet bill from your ISP. Modern life requires the internet to such a larger degree that the internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity in every household. With broadband, many aspects of our lives have been made easier, faster, and much more convenient. But because we classify the internet as a need, we are also willing to pay more than may be necessary.

Choose Lower Speeds

You might be overpaying for your internet since you’re probably utilizing less speed than what you’re paying for.

Let’s say you’ve subscribed to your provider’s 1000 Megabits Per Second (Mbps) plan. Since most of your activity is watching Stranger Things on Netflix with your family, while also making use of a smart TV or security system, it’d be smarter to downgrade to a cheaper plan of 100 or even 50 Mbps.

Take the time to assess your internet usage and then figure out the minimum download speed viable for your everyday online needs. Once you’ve decided, explore the different internet service providers (ISPs) offering those download speeds at a low rate.

Some ISPs will charge you extra if you go over your data limit, which is normally set at 1 terabyte (TB). (You get a couple of warnings before you’re charged). Others allow you to earn data per month the more you pay. However, there’s no point in paying for more if you don’t use over 1TB of data per billing cycle.

Invest in a Modem and Router

Isn’t it great that most ISPs let you rent a modem and router for a minimal monthly fee? It might be convenient in the beginning, but the rental costs add up the longer you’re paying. It’s in your best interests to invest in your own modem and router as it lets you save money in the long run, while also being able to continue using it even if you change service providers.

While we’re on the topic of routers and modems, make sure to stay away from any rental that only provides a modem, as you’ll have to buy a router as well to connect additional devices with a wired connection. If you’ve done that, it’d be better to just invest in a modem/router combo instead.

Bundle Your Services

You’ve probably heard that bundling up saves money, but just how much money exactly? Most companies will reduce your bill if you go with their internet plus TV bundle.

Before you go for the bundle, look closely at the extra services you’re already paying for. If you notice that most of the programs or networks are the same as the ones included in the new package, you’ll be better off canceling it and bidding them farewell.

Moreover, ensure that you compare the cost of the bundle with the cost of each service separately. Each bundle has different perks, which could include services you won’t make use of or prices that aren’t worth the change.

Compare Prices and Plans

Don’t be afraid of exploring the different ISPs available to you if your contract is about to end, or if you weren’t bound to one at all. Most ISPs are willing to offer low prices to new customers, while others have a price lock guarantee as well.

Negotiate With Your Provider

You might be stuck in the middle of a contract with your ISP, but that doesn’t prevent you from shopping around. Have a look at plans from different ISPs offering comparable download speeds to yours and what fee they charge.

If you’re having issues with your current ISP, such as the performance or download speeds faltering, try to use the information you’ve gathered to negotiate a lower fee with them.

Take a speed test to confirm the problems you’re facing. This way, you will get an idea if you are getting the download speed you are paying for.

How to Negotiate With Your Internet Provider

Here are some tips on how to successfully negotiate with your ISP:

  • Keep track of your download speed and the number of channels available if you have a TV service bundle. Research and compare your service with those offered at other ISPs.
  • Show no hesitation in canceling your service. If you feel that the service being provided to you is subpar, let them know that you’ve got no problem in canceling it.
  • Have an idea of what other internet providers in your region are charging for the same services you’re currently using. If there’s only one internet provider in your area, you’ve still got some leeway. You could cancel your subscription and opt for satellite internet or your cell phone’s 4G LTE service instead, causing the provider to lose out on your money.
  • Talk to your ISP’s Retentions department. Those working in this division have the power to offer you discounts. However, be certain that they’re giving deals that won’t downgrade your service as a result.
  • Create an understanding with the customer service representative and treat them well. There are rumors that they can’t offer deals to ‘irate’ customers. That should be more than enough of a reason to have good manners when dealing with them.
  • Convey what you are looking for and the offers from other competitors. Ask them if the offer on the table is the best they can do. If so, thank them for their help and try again later.

Cancel Your Mobile Data Plan

Looking at the monthly rates of unlimited data plans for cell phones, it isn’t completely shocking to suggest that you may need to cancel them.

We don’t come close to using up the ‘unlimited’ data provided to us by some of the providers. (Also, after you cross the limit set by your provider on your unlimited plan, the internet speed reduces dramatically.)

Enable the option on your phone to switch to Wi-Fi whenever you’re connected to one, so that you’re aware of how much data you actually need and use monthly. In most Android phones, you have a data tracking option under Settings → Connections → Data usage. For all iPhones and iPads, it’s also accessible under Settings → Cellular. Apps such as My Data Manager also help you keep track of your data usage, which is free and available on both Android and iOS.

Swap to a low-data plan that pairs well with your usage, and if you barely use any data at all, consider shifting to a data-free plan and depend on Wi-Fi for your internet needs.

Check for Discounts and Promotions

Ordering online nowadays is always valuable as most ISPs usually wave the connection and installation fees. This is the easiest way to get a discount.

However, if you don’t have access to the internet, try negotiating the price of your plan on the phone. If you’re staying close to a friend you trust, ask them if you can use their Wi-Fi. Hold out for any additional promotions that are available on holidays (such as Christmas or Black Friday).

ISPs also offer deals just like clothing and electronics stores as well. Freebies and gift cards are provided, while contract buyouts are also offered on holidays like Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday, Labour Day, and New Year’s. We find the best deals for internet packages each month and place them on our list. Check it out to see if you can get a freebie or even save a bit of money on them.

In Summary

Internet access is a necessity in 2022. The last two years have only enforced this fact and have forced customers to accept that an internet connection is necessary for all households. If you are looking for a Rise Broadband Internet plan, you should contact Rise Broadband customer service. Speak to one of their representatives and allow them to help you find an affordable plan for your needs.


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