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4 Hacks to Lower Your Monthly Internet Bill This Year!

Internet in today’s time is anything but economical. It’s no longer as affordable and cheap as it once used to be, but ironically is the most important necessity considered in today’s time. It’s as basic as clean water and pure oxygen. Access to a reliable internet connection plays a vital role in our growth and success. However, everything comes at a cost, and that cost is your monthly internet bill, there can be such a thing known as ‘too high’.

The number you see on your monthly internet bill is not only the basic internet service charges. There’s more to the story now. The number can be broken down into an installation fee, equipment rental fee, package fees, seasonal hikes, early termination fees, late fees, data caps, and more, all along with service charges. Combine all that and you’re left with almost no money in your bank account.

Maintaining a modern and up-to-date lifestyle is pretty expensive in today’s time and the last thing you want is to drill a hole in your pocket just to have basic internet access. For things to change, you must take the first step. It’ll take time, dedication, and effort on your part, but it’s worth it. You might have to study your monthly internet bill in-depth, haggle and negotiate with the provider and read up on available options in your area.

We hope to help you out on your money-saving journey with this brief yet rich write-up. Keep reading to know the best 4 hacks you can use to reduce your monthly internet bill.

  • Read Your Bill Carefully

Accomplishing your financial goals is the first step to saving money and one of your goals currently is to save up on your monthly internet bill that means studying your monthly internet bill carefully to identify any terms, gaps, or numbers that don’t make sense to you. It’s important to know what you’re looking for before getting in touch with another provider. Go over your internet bill and compare it against a reference bill on the side to understand what estimation should look like under normal circumstances.

  • Shop For Options

What other options are available in your area? Do the competitors offer better prices for those same services you’re looking for? Do you have access to more than one provider in your area? If so, you’re lucky to have the freedom of choice and explore your options for something better. Familiarize yourself with available promos and deals in your area and use that information to negotiate and haggle with your current internet service provider. Do proper research before going all-in with the negotiation process.

  • Learn about your internet speed

How much internet speed do you actually need to get by? What exactly are you paying for? Are you paying more money for more speed that you don’t really need? Keep track of your internet usage and learn about your bandwidth consumption to decide the speed you need to satisfy your online needs. If your internet usage is limited to basic internet activities, don’t pick a plan that delivers fiber speeds – you’ll end up paying more money for speed you don’t use and that’s how you go broke. Keep in mind the number of people who will use the connection, their internet usage, and the traffic on the network before picking out a speed tier and locking yourself in.

  • Buy Your Own Modem/Router

One of the concerns of internet subscribers is the monthly equipment rental fee. It usually costs around $10 per month but can accumulate to become a wholesome amount. You can avoid the equipment rental fee by purchasing your own equipment up-front. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for the equipment and in the long run, you’re saving more by paying up-front for it. Just remember to check the compatibility of the equipment with the service by contacting your current ISP.

To Wrap It Up

Your monthly internet bill is no longer as affordable as it once used to be. But these 4 hacks will surely make it affordable in the long run. The key is consistency, research, and dedication. You can also skim through available internet plans in your area that offer consistent, fast, and quality connections at home or office, like EarthLink internet. Call EarthLink customer service to know what plans are available in your area.


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